Easily compare your prices to major retailers and get smart analytics about your sales

Maintain competitive prices using the Price Comparison Tool. You can easily search for a product and compare your price to other major retailers. It will even show similar products as well as the cost of the product, ensuring your customers are getting the best prices possible!
Easily compare
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Extract your POS information and Analyze with Artificial Intelligence

EZ-AD integrates with many of the leading POS systems. EZ-AD will help export and analyze your data using artificial intelligence to determine best sellers, similar products, and inventory levels. Talk to one of our customer support staff and we'll help you get your data in no time.
Auto Generate Auto Generate

Automatically generate signs for any product

Once you’ve found the product you are looking for just choose a template and the product information will be auto-filled. Your product ad is ready to be displayed on your TV screens or posted to your Facebook or Twitter page. It's that easy!
Automatically generate signs for any product

Find and share videos related to your product

EZ-AD automatically finds videos related to a product and lets you easily add it to your TV screens or social media feed directly from the Price Comparison page.
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Find And Share Videos
Get Notifications

Get notifications about your inventory levels

The Price Comparison Tool automatically highlights products with a red outline when your inventory is getting low. As your inventory continues to decrease the red outline of the product will get bolder, making it easy to monitor which products require re-ordering.

Quick and simple inventory management

Easily view your store’s top sellers! With the inventory manager you can filter by the week, month, or year. Our comprehensive inventory system makes it easy for you to determine which products sell best throughout the entire year or during an individual season.
Inventory Management
Filter Your Products

Filter your products by department and Vendors

Want to view your store's items by departments or specific vendors? The Price Comparison Tool makes it easy to do just that. Simply go to our department drop down menu and pick any of our hundreds of preset filters.

Easily find similar products

EZ-AD will quickly reveal similar products from different manufacturers so you can make the best buying decisions. Find products with higher margins or add more variety to your product selection. With our database of 1.8 million products, we have suggestions for everything!
Find Similar Products
Save Favorite Products

Save your favorite products and get price notifications

Once you save a product as favorite, EZ-AD will constantly monitor competitor's pricing and indicate when it has detected changes to the price. This helps inform you of price changes without the need to repeadtedly check.

Get your sales history in any time period

EZ-AD's easy to use interface will break down you POS data and display key transaction history points. We integrate predictive analytics using weather and economical buying patterns to make predictions on what products you are most likely to sell.
Get Sales History

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